Roles on Remind

Remind has roles that reflect the school community: teacher, student, parent, administrator, and no role. Each role has different abilities!

  • Teacher: A teacher or staff member who can join or create classes on Remind. Teachers can set office hours to let others know the best times to reach them. 
  • Student: A participant who can join or create classes.
  • Parent: An adult who can join or create classes on Remind. They can also message other participants in a class depending on the class settings and be linked as a parent to a student.
  • Administrator: An adult who manages their school or district on Remind. Their oversight and controls, include having communication statistics and organization-wide messaging, on the administrator dashboard. This role is only available to schools and districts with Remind Hub. 
  • No Role: A participant who was added to a class without a role. They can designate a student, parent, or teacher role in their account settings. 

If you have any questions or run into trouble changing your role, please contact the Support team.