Community engagement statistics

For administrators with Remind Hub

Your administrator dashboard provides you with vital, real-time information on how people in your community are using Remind, and how effective their messages are in driving engagement. Read this article to learn more about where you can obtain communication data to better improve how your teachers, parents, and students use Remind.

This article contains the following sections:

Overview page

Statistics page


Engagement reports

Overview page

The Overview page gives you insight into how your community is engaging on Remind. The page shows the most recent announcements from teachers, which is another quick way you can monitor communication activity in your organization.

Under Most communication on Remind, select week, month, or year and then click Download a full teacher report to obtain a list of all your teachers and the number of messages they've each sent. 

District view  

The district overview page shows the number of messages sent by teachers at each school, and the number of active teachers on Remind.  


School View

The school overview shows the most active teachers within your community along with the number of messages they have sent and how many classes they own.



You'll find Recent announcements on the right side of the Overview page. This area is the best way to see the kind of messages teachers are sending students and parents.

  • We highly recommend sharing the most effective and creative messages at your team meeting on a weekly basis! This is a great way to foster discussions on how to best deliver information to students and parents to keep them engaged. 


Statistics page

The Statistics page provides a more in-depth look at the communication occurring within your organization. It gives details about specific user groups, their type of communication (announcements or conversations), and how they are delivering it - by text, email, or by using the Remind app.

  • You can access the Statistics tab either via the district or school level dashboard.


  • See how many teachers are communicating on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.


  • See how many parents and students are receiving messages on Remind. 


  • See the number of active users and how they are choosing to receive messages. 


Engagement reports

Engagement reports are accessible from the Statistics page. The reports contain detailed information on how each person in your community used Remind each week. They contain the first and last name of the teachers, students, and parents that sent and received messages, their SIS ID number, their method of communication (email/SMS/app), how many voice calls your community members placed, and several other pertinent data points that will help you monitor community engagement throughout your organization. Learn more about Engagement reports here.