Remind Hub

If you’re using Remind Chat with a school, district, or other organization, Remind Hub gives you the ability to accommodate larger groups and support your entire community with powerful features for onboarding, oversight and controls, and communication. 

Remind Hub

Here’s an overview of what’s included with every Remind Hub:  

Base feature  Remind Chat Remind Hub
Basic messaging
App integrations
Classes per account  10 100
Participants per class 150 5,000
Long messages    
Organization-wide messaging    
Provision accounts and create classes    ✓  
Administrator oversight and  controls    
Community engagement statistics    
Priority support    

Premium features

Along with the features included above, you can also add on premium features to customize the Remind Hub for your community.

Premium feature  
Voice calling Secure calls that can reach any device, including landlines
LMS integrations Powerful communication for Canvas or Schoology 
Advanced messaging Messages that you can automate and customize for individual recipients
Urgent messaging Messages that go to all available devices, regardless of notification preferences


To learn more about upgrading to Remind Hub for your organization, visit or contact our sales team here. If you have questions about your current Remind Hub, or purchasing premium features, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or Support Representative.