Manage class settings

With class settings, you can customize your classes based on your specific needs.

To update your class settings, log in to Remind on web or app, go to your class, and click the Settings tab. Here you can: 



  • Update your class code: Each one of your classes has a unique class code. The code can be changed at any time, and has to be 3-10 numbers or letters long. Students and parents will use the code to join your class.


  • Link your class to your school: To keep your classes organized, associate your class with your school. If your school has purchased Remind Hub, you will only be able to access upgraded features, including longer messages, when you link your class to the school.


  • Class visibility: Determine whether people can find a class by searching for your name. This also includes the ability to see classes owned on your Remind profile.


  • Require approval to join a class: For an additional layer of security, you can require approval to join your class. When this setting is turned on, only people who you add or approve can join your class on Remind.


  • Participant messagingChoose how participants message others in a class. Participants can either message anyone in a class, only message the class owner, or message other class participants with the same role (students or parents).


  • Add a co-owner to your class: Give another person, such as a teacher or an administrator, the ability to send out announcements to your class. Only the person who sends the message will see replies from class participants. 


  • Archive a class: Instead of deleting classes, you can archive a class and reuse the same class code and other settings for this year's class.