Archive a class

Instead of deleting classes, teachers can archive a class and reuse the same class code and other settings for this year's class.

App: Select the class, and tap the name when it appears at the top of the screen. At the bottom of this screen you'll be able to Remove from class list.

Web: Click the settings tab for the class then choose between:

  • Reusing the class code: The messages and participants will be archived and you can use the class again for this year. 
  • Removing from class list: The class, messages, and participants will be archived and removed from the class list. 

Restoring archived classes

You can restore a class you have archived at any time! Archived classes are stored within Account settings. You can restore or reuse classes you've archived from here. Head to account settings by clicking your name on top left of the screen then Account. Last step is to click "Archived classes."

Once there you can either Restore or Reuse class code.