Require approval to join a class

When you turn on require approval to join, only people who you add or approve can join your class on Remind.

Anytime someone requests to join your class, you can go to your class' People tab to approve or deny requests. People with pending requests to join will not receive class announcements until you manually approve them. 


Step 1: Update your class settings

To require approval to join a class, log in to Remind on web or app, go to your class, and click the class Settings tab. You can turn on or off require approval to join with the checkbox.



Step 2: See requests to join your class

You can see who has requested to join your class in your class’ People tab. You will see the number of requests in the blue Pending requests box in the upper righthand corner. 



Step 3: Approve or deny requests to join your class

After clicking into Pending requests, you can choose to approve or deny requests to join your class. Parents and students who request to join a class can explain who they are (i.e. I am Ana Smith’s dad). You will see this explanation in the Message column next the Date of request.


When you Approve a request, they will be notified and appear in your class’ People tab. As soon as class participants are approved, they will start receiving your class announcements.

When you Deny a request, they will be notified and removed from your Pending requests view.



If your school is on Remind Hub, anyone added to Remind classes through your Student Information System (SIS) will be approved automatically.