There are people I don't recognize in my class or duplicate names


For class owners

You may see the names of people you don't recognize on your class People list, or you might see the same person listed more than once. To ensure you always send messages to the right people, this article will provide you with a couple of ways you can clean up People list.

This article contains the following sections: 

I invited someone to join my class, and someone with a different name showed up

If you invite someone to join your class using their phone number, and a different name appears in your class, this most likely means that it is a recycled phone number.

  1. Please speak with the person you want to add to your class in person, or call the number you have for them, and double-check that you have the correct phone number.
    • If you learn you had the incorrect phone number, add the person to your class with the correct phone number, and then remove the other individual from your class
    • If you confirm you have the correct phone number, please follow these steps to contact our Support team so we can assist you:
      1. Click on your name.
      2. Select Help in the app or Get help on the web.
      3. Choose Contact Remind Support in the app or Email support on the web.GetHelp.png
      4. When you see the Choose one below that best fits your question prompt, select Other.
      5. Be sure to use the email address connected to your Remind account.
      6. In the Summary of request section write Suspect recycled number.ContactUs.png
      7.  In the Description please include:
        1. The class code.
        2. The name you were trying to add.
        3. The phone number you used.
        4. The name that appeared in your People list.
        5. Let us know that you have confirmed the phone number.TicketDescription.png 

A member of our Support team will check to see if the phone number you provided is attached to another person's account. If it appears to be a recycled number, we'll delete it from the previous account, and send you a reply letting you know you may now add the person to your class with that phone number.

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I don't recognize the name of a person in my class

There are few things that might cause you to see a name you don't recognize:

  • This person may have misspelled their name, used a nickname that you don't recognize, or a parent may have put one of their child's names as their own when they set up their account for the first time. 
  • Someone may have mistyped a class code and joined your class by accident.
  • A member of your school may have searched for your class and decided to join.

Here are 7 different ways you can fix this issue:

  1. Send a Remind message to the person and ask them to properly identify themselves.
    • If it is a parent, you can send the following sample message, "I see that you have joined my class, but I'm sorry, I don't recognize your name. Could you please provide a name that I might know, or tell me which of my students you are connected to?" 
    • If it is a student, "I see that you have joined my class, but I'm sorry, I don't recognize your name. Could you please provide the name that would be on my class roster?"
  2. If you are a member of Remind Hub, you can change the person's name for them. You can only do this on a computer when you log in to your account from Here are instructions  on how you can change a class participant's name.
  3. If you are a member of Remind Chat, you can ask the person to fix their name in their Account Settings. Here are instructions you can share with them: How do I add a profile picture and edit my name?
  4. You can remove the person from your class.
  5. If someone unwanted continues to try to join your class after you've removed them, you can ban them, which means that they will not be allowed to join your class. 
  6. To keep your class more private, you can turn off Class Visibility via your Class settings, so people cannot search and find your class.
  7. If you want to make your class more secure, you can update your Class settings and require approval to join your class. You'll have the ability to approve or deny requests to join your class.

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I can see the same person listed twice

If you see two of the same names listed, this probably means that the person has more than one Remind account. Most likely, they created one Remind account using their phone number, and another using their email address.

To help them combine their accounts, send a Remind message to both of their accounts with instructions on how to Merge duplicate Remind accounts

Note: It is not a good idea to just remove one of the participants from your class since the participant might be receiving messages properly on only one of the accounts, and you won't know which one.


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