Enable rostering enforcement

For district administrators with a Remind plan.

Rostering enforcement allows you to remove the option for rostered students, parents, and teachers to leave your organization on Remind. 

Enabling rostering enforcement ensures that SIS-linked users will receive all organization and administrator messages, even if they opt out of Remind notifications by texting @LEAVE

Organization and administrator messages include:

Enabling rostering enforcement does not affect the ability of SIS-linked users to leave individual classes within your organization.

How to enable rostering enforcement

If your organization has purchased urgent messaging with your Remind plan, rostering enforcement will be enabled by default to make sure that all rostered students, parents, and teachers will be notified in urgent situations. 

To access rostering enforcement, log in to Remind on web, go to the Settings tab, and click on SIS sync in the sidebar. You can enable or disable rostering enforcement with the checkbox.


For customers who purchased urgent messaging, rostering enforcement will be enabled by default to ensure message delivery for all SIS-linked users across your organization. SIS-linked users who are unreachable by text or app, including people who have opted out of text notifications, will receive a text-to-voice call as a fallback.

Remove SIS-linked users from your organization

To turn off organization and administrator messages for SIS-linked users, remove them individually from your organization. You can do this directly from your people list