Manage your people list

For administrators with Remind Hub

Your people list in your school administrator dashboard helps you safeguard your community by providing more oversight into your organization on Remind.

From this list, you can filter, remove, manage, approve, and much more for all members of a school: teachers, students, and parents.

Filter your people list

Apply filters to view specific members of your organization by role, SIS link status, and grade.

Add participants

  1. Select the add people button in the top right corner of your dashboard
  2. From here, you can add users by creating accounts for people at your school.
  3. Take home PDF instructions, in-person instructions, and shareable links to join a class are also available here in the Add people menu.

Managing participants

Select a participant in the list to manage their profile by viewing their account information and accessing your account management tools, including changing their roles, removing them, etc. 

Connect family members

Identify and connect family member connections. Look in the Family members column of the people list to see what family members are connected to the participant. If parents still need to be connected students, click on the plus icon in the Family member column next to the student or parent to search for the user, and select the participant to connect the two accounts.

Approve pending teachers

Go to your Pending teachers to help you safeguard your community by providing more oversight into your teachers on Remind. Administrators can approve or deny requests to be a teacher for anyone joining your school on Remind. Learn more here