How to use the People List

For administrators with a Remind plan.

Your People List in your administrator dashboard helps you safeguard your community by providing more oversight and better visibility into your organization on Remind.

From this list, you can filter, remove, manage, get message history, and much more for all members of a school-teachers, students, and parents/guardians.

Note: The People List can only be accessed at the school organization level.

Feature Deep Dive


Apply filters to view specific members of your organization. Filter by role (Student, Parent, Teacher, Administrator, or No Role), SIS Link (Linked to SIS or Not SIS Linked), and grade.

View User Details

Click on a user in the list to view their profile. User profiles include: the classes they owned or joined on Remind, their family members within the organization, and their contact information. You can also add private notes to a user profile from this view.

Managing Users

In the user profile select the three dot button to expand user management tools. These tools include:

  1. Change role: Adjust a user's role: student, parent, or teacher
  2. Get message historyRequest a users message history (note: school admins send request to district admins).
  3. Add to a Class: Add a user to another class to make them a participant in that class
  4. Block user
  5. Report to Remind: Report a user to Remind when the violate our community guidelines and Remind will review within 24 hours.
  6. Remove from school - Remove a user from the school.

View Class Details

From a user profile you can gain visibility into a user’s classes. By clicking on this class-level view, you can see class details including recent class announcements and a full participant list.

Adding People

  1. The Add People button is located on the top right corner of your dashboard
  2. From here, you can add users by creating accounts for people at your school.
  3. Take home PDF instructions, in-person instructions, and shareable links to join a class are also available here in the Add People menu.

See user reachability

Identify if users are reachable by SMS or phone - If the icon is a blue lightening bolt it indicates the user has connected the account to their phone number and can be reached by SMS and by phone. If the icon is a grey circle with three dots, it indicates the user has yet to connect a phone number to their account.

Connect family members

Identify and connect family member connections - Look in the Family Members column of the People List to see what family members are connected to the user. (Ex: parents connected to student). If parents still need to be connected students, click on the plus icon in the family member column next to the student or parent to search for the user, and select the user to connect the two accounts.


Increase engagement by:

  • Identifying who still needs to add their mobile phone to their accounts
  • Identifying which students still are not linked to parents
  • Identifying which users are not synced to your SIS

Keep safety a priority in your community:

  • Report users who are not following community guidelines
  • Review a user's message history to review a user's conduct
  • Investigating users without roles or who are inactive