Remove staff access

For administrators with a Remind plan using CSV format 1.0

Do you have a teacher or administrator who no longer belongs to your school? We know how important it is to keep your Remind community up-to-date. If you need to transfer ownership of their classes on Remind and remove them your community, carefully follow the steps in order below.

Note: Do not remove the account on your own before you properly transfer class ownership and pull message history. We recommend following the steps below chronologically before the teacher or administrator departs from your organization.  

Step 1: Remove administrator access (if applicable)

Administrators can add and remove administrator access from Remind.

Go to the Settings tab in your administrator dashboard, and hover over the contact you would like to remove. Then simply select “Remove as admin.” If you don’t see this option, move to the next step and include this when you later contact support. 

Step 2: Download their message history

As an administrator, you’re able to request or retrieve message history from any participant linked to your Remind plan. 

  • For School administrator: Request message history for members of your school community by clicking request from district administrator. Your district administrator will receive a message where they can grant permission to send message history to your email. If you don’t see the option to contact your verified district administrator, move to the next step and include this when you later contact support. 
  • For District administrator: You can receive message history from your People List by clicking on the three dots next to a participant’s name and selecting get message history. An email with PDFs containing the message history will be sent to the email linked to your Remind account.

Step 3: Contact support to transfer class ownership and deactivate account

  • Transferring SIS rostered classes: You can transfer rostered class ownership from your SIS or CSV files. 

    Remove the teacher from the teachers.csv and update class ownership by replacing their teacher_id in the classes.csv with a new class owner's teacher_id. The next sync will update Remind and remove the user from your school and transfer ownership of their SIS-rostered classes.
  • Transferring non-SIS rostered classes: Support can transfer class ownership of their non-rostered classes that are linked to your school and remove the teacher from your school. 

    Contact support here with the following information:
    1. The teacher’s name and email who you want removed from your school.
    2. The class codes of the classes you want transferred to a new teacher.
    3. The new teacher’s name and email.
    4. If applicable, if you need any help with removing admin privileges or pulling message history.
  • Removing account: After classes are transferred to a new class owner, support can remove the teacher's account.

If you need to manage people in your community, please review your other Administrator Oversight and Controls.