Update your people list

For administrators with a Remind plan.

Who is already in my Remind School or District?

Before upgrading to the Remind Plan, members of your community were already using Remind to communicate. These members created their own Remind accounts and joined your school to communicate at some point in the past, and they can continue using Remind now that you’ve upgraded to the Remind plan. These members still exist in your organization now that you are on the Remind Plan. During this transitional time, it is important to inform these existing users about the changes to come.

Informing your community how to prepare for the Remind plan

Now that you have the Remind Plan, you can manage the members in your school or district via rostering. Rostering is the fastest, most effective way to roll out Remind across your organization. By creating accounts and classes directly in Remind, or with data from your Student Information System (SIS), you can expand reach and drive adoption across your entire community.

We recommend following these steps to ensure an accurate and up to date People List.

1.  Send out a school wide message 

Send a school wide message before direct add or SIS rostering to let out-dated users know how they can leave the school

[School Name] is excited to be using Remind for school wide communication for the 2019-2020 academic year! We will be creating official accounts for any current student and family members using available contact information we have on file. 

If you or your child are no longer at our school, you can unsubscribe by texting back “@leave @[Replace with your unique school code]” to any text messages you may receive. If you are using the Remind app, you can go to your account settings and click “Leave” next to your school name. You can learn more about this process here: https://bit.ly/2hIkW1A. Thank you!

2.  Empower your teachers

Send a message to all teachers asking them to archive classes they will not be using this year, leave any schools they are no longer are teaching at, and remove users that should not be in active classes.

Note: Archived classes will no longer appear in the teacher or school Class Lists and will no longer be searchable by the Remind community. Students will receive a notification when the class is archived. With rostering, classes will be created and populated for teachers, and suggested for archiving at the end of each term. Teachers can still use Remind to create additional classes outside of their rostered classes.

  • Teachers,
    At [school name], we want to make sure we uphold safe and positive school and classroom communication on Remind. By [date], please take some time to review your currently owned classes on Remind, archive classes you are no longer using, and remove individual users who should not be in your classes.

Remind teachers to link any owned classes to your school to take full advantage of Remind plan features. 

3. Review your People List  

Filter by role to view students, parents, and teachers separately. Note that the People List is only accessible at the School Level in the Remind Admin Dashboard. Be mindful of non-rostered members who may still benefit from Remind communication (grandparents, babysitters, coaches, etc.) before removing them from the school.

By Teachers:

  • Filter by “last announcement sent” to view those who have not been active
  • Check to see if there are any teachers who own 0 classes

By Students:

  • Locate users who are in 0 classes, and drill into the user profile to verify contact information
  • View class history to verify recent engagement

By Parents:

  • Locate users who are in 0 classes, and drill into the user profile to verify contact information
  • View class history to verify recent engagement

By No Role:

  • Verify contact information
  • Assign appropriate role (teacher, parent, student) when needed

4. Review your Class List

Remove any outdated or irrelevant classes. You can only remove non SIS-linked classes. Removing a class will disconnect the class from the school and remove any users not connected to your SIS or not in any other class connected to the school.

Sort by “Date Created”

  • Remove any classes in which the owner and/or participants are no longer affiliated with your school.
  • Take note of any classes that have not had any recent activity and decide if you want them removed from your school.
  • Review remaining classes you don't recognize.

Best Practices:

  1. When removing questionable users, send a message letting them know how to correctly join the appropriate school or class:
    • Based on the contact information on this account, we are not able to verify if you belong at [school/district name], thus we will be removing this account from [school/district]. If you believe this is an error, please contact [the main office or your student’s teacher] to receive directions on how to rejoin.
  2. For non-traditional roles, such as coaches or community members, use the “no role” label to prevent them from receiving role-based messages to parents, students, or teachers.