Link your school

When you create a teacher account on Remind and you're in the US, we ask you to link to your school. This makes it easier for students and parents to find your classes and helps you connect with your colleagues. You can link specific classes to a school so if you are a teacher at two schools, you can link each class to the appropriate school. 

If your school has a verified administrator, he or she can send announcements to the whole school, including your participants if the class is linked. Administrators can also view basic statistics and manage the school list to promote positive usage. If you link your class to a school with a Remind Plan, it will appear on your school's class list and include administrator oversight.

What are the steps to link my account to a school?

You are prompted to link when you create an account but you can also link in Account Settings. You can link your school in both the app and online. 

  • Web: Click your name in the top left then "Account" and scroll to find the School field and select your school. 
  • App: Head to Settings. On iOS, tap the person icon on the upper left of the Classes list. On Android, tap the 3 dots in the upper right then "Account." You will be able to add your school on the Your Profile screen.

How do I link my class to a school?

When creating a class the school chosen will be whatever your account is linked to. You can edit it there or in class settings.

  • Web: Click the gear icon in the upper right for the class.
  • App: Select the class and tap the class name when it appears at the top of the screen.

Why can't I link to a school?

At this time, only users in the US and Canada can link their Remind account to a school, or create a school if they do not find them on the list of options. We are hoping to expand this capability, and offer it internationally in the future.

Why might I be removed from a school?

A verified administrator with a Remind Plan is able to remove anyone unaffiliated with their school site. If you're removed from a school, it's possible that the Administrator did not recognize your name or that you accidentally linked to the wrong school site. Only school representatives authorized to act on behalf of a school should link to a school. We recommend talking with your Administrator if you have questions about the removal.