Manage accounts in your organization

For administrators with Remind Hub.

From the people list in your school dashboard, you can select a participant to learn more about their profile and manage their Remind account.

This resource covers the following topics:

  1. Viewing participants' profiles
  2. Managing your participants

Viewing participant profile

When you select a participant from your people list in your school dashboard, you can see their profile information.


Profile information

  • Organization role 
  • Contact information (only visible to verified administrators)
  • Family members
  • Class information (list of classes owned and classes joined with their recent class announcements and class participant lists)

Were they SIS rostered?

   Screen_Shot_2019-06-17_at_3.47.51_PM.png Linked icon:
This participant's contact information is from your SIS.  

   Screen_Shot_2019-06-17_at_3.48.30_PM.png Unlinked icon:
This participant is not created by or linked to your SIS

How are participants receiving messages?

   Screen_Shot_2019-06-17_at_3.53.03_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2019-06-17_at_3.53.07_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2019-06-17_at_3.53.18_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2019-06-17_at_3.53.23_PM.png Learn more here.


Managing your participant profile

Click on the three dots in the participant profile to open up additional account management tools.


Account management tools:

  • Change role
    Update the participant's role for your organization to student, parent, or teacher.
  • Get message history
    Request a user's message history
  • Add to another class
    Add a user to another class to make them a participant in that class.
  • Block user
    The participant will not be notified of being blocked. You will not be able to direct message them or add them to your classes. They will still receive your announcements.
  • Report to Remind
    Report a participant to Remind when the violate our community guidelines and Remind will review within 24 hours. Learn more here.
  • Manage pending teacher requests
    Approve or deny requests to be a teacher in your organization.
  • Remove from school
    They will not longer receive your schoolwide announcements. Follow these instructions for when a teacher or administrator leaves your school. At the time of removal, you will also have the option to ban the user, preventing them from joining any classes linked to your school.

Engagement tips

  • Identify who still needs to add their mobile phone to their accounts
  • Identify which students still are not linked to parents
  • Identify which users are not synced to your SIS

Keep safety a priority in your community

  • Report users who are not following community guidelines
  • Review a user's message history to review a user's conduct
  • Investigating users without roles or who are inactive