Rostering FAQs

Available to administrators with a Remind plan. You can learn more about this here.

How are users with existing accounts affected by rostering?  

  • Any existing Remind users will have the opportunity to merge their accounts.

    If the contact information (email or phone number) on file in your SIS matches the contact information on an existing account in Remind, the user's account will be matched and their account will remain the same.

    If a teacher has an existing account with a different email, they will be prompted to merge their accounts. Merging will allow them to access both the new classes rostered for them through the Direct Sync or Clever sync, as well as any existing classes they either own, or were enrolled in before the sync. No previous information will be lost.

    If someone needs help merging their accounts, they can reach out to our support team here.

How much time will it take for my initial sync to be complete?

  • Initial syncs can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours. For subsequent syncs, processing time should not exceed 8 hours.

When do rostered accounts classes become active in Remind?

  • During the Direct Sync or Clever sync, teacher, student and parent accounts are created immediately. Administrators can send a first notification to teachers prompting them to claim their account, however, teachers who are already active Remind users will gain access to their Remind classes immediately.

    Classes do not become active in Remind until after a teacher logs into their account and accept their classes. You can share these instructions with teachers on how to setup their rostered account.

Can teachers still add people and edit their class information like they did before rostering?

  • Absolutely! Teachers can create classes outside of the Direct Sync or Clever Sync for extracurriculars, study groups, etc. and invite participants to join. Teachers can also add or remove participants from their classes that were created from the Direct Sync or Clever Sync. 

    User actions in Remind (like changing the name of a class) will not be affected by SIS Sync updates.

Are any automatic notifications sent to my community during rostering?

  • No. After the initial SIS Sync, notifications are sent out to rostered users when an administrator sends the first notification manually from the SIS sync report.

    Read more about teacher, student and parent notifications here.

Can I edit the first Remind notification?

  • The first Remind notification is an auto-generated message from Remind that can’t be edited. However, we suggest that prior to rostering your school, you use our email templates to inform your community about the Remind rollout.

    Or, after the first notification goes out you may send a personalized school-wide Remind message to your community. The users who were rostered via email will receive an email notification and the users who were rostered via mobile number will receive a text message notification.

I’m an administrator. What can I do if my teachers have duplicate accounts

  • Teachers can easily merge duplicate accounts! If a teacher needs help merging their accounts, they can reach out to our support team here. Teachers on the Remind Plan will receive priority support when they contact support with their school or district email.

How do I know my school was successfully rostered?

  • Once the initial SIS sync is complete for your school or district on Remind, you will be able to manage your SIS sync from the SIS sync report. The administrator who set up the SIS Sync will receive an email notification upon sync completion.

How often should I roster my school information?

  • It's up to you! Some of our schools and districts sync once a day while others sync less frequently like once a quarter.

    Please note, with direct sync, we recommend syncing your CSV files at least once every 90 days. In order to automate the removal of users and classes in Remind (based on changes that happen in your SIS), you must upload your CSV files at least once every 90 days. 

Can rostered students, parents and teachers leave my organization on Remind? 

  • District administrators can enable rostering enforcement from the district SIS sync report. Rostering enforcement allows you to remove the option for rostered students, parents, and teachers to leave your organization on Remind.

    When rostering enforcement is enabled, administrators will need to remove users via a SIS sync update or individually from your people list within Remind.