Add people to your class

There are several ways to add people to Remind:

  1. Invite them directly to Remind: Best if you know people's phone numbers or email addresses
  2. Share ways to join: Printable PDF handout, in-person instructions, or a shareable link

You can find all of these options by clicking on the “Add people” button when you're logged in on the app or online.


When people choose to join your Remind class, you'll see them appear in your class. Once they're there, they'll start receiving messages immediately; you can also copy them to another class.

Method 1: Invite people directly to Remind

You can send invitations directly to people if you have their phone numbers or email addresses. The contact information you enter will determine how people get the invitation and Remind notifications: entering mobile phone numbers means that they'll get messages by text, while entering email addresses means that they'll get messages by email.

First, choose whether you're inviting students, parents, or teachers to Remind. Then, you can manually enter the necessary information or copy and paste from a spreadsheet. Group owners can invite 150 people at a time.

If you're copying and pasting from a spreadsheet, be sure to copy all the information that you need at once (name, contact information, etc.). You won't be able to copy and paste a single column at a time.

NOTE: An email address is required for inviting teachers to Remind. You can also enter a phone number or secondary email address.

Example of an invitation:


Method 2: Sharing instructions for joining

If you don't have phone numbers or email addresses, there are three other ways to share instructions for joining Remind. Make sure they know to follow all the required prompts (like replying with their names or date of birth), since they won't appear in your class or school until they do.

Printable PDF
Download or print out instructions for joining Remind. The PDF provides text or email sign-up options and is available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

  • Tip: Post these in a high-traffic area, like a classroom door or pick-up area, or send them home as a handout or email attachment.

In-person instructions
If people have their mobile phones with them, they can sign up in seconds via text message.

  • Tip: Share these in an announcement or include them somewhere with high visibility, like a board, syllabus, or newsletter.

Shareable link
With this link, people can join your class directly from their phones or computers without entering your class code.

  • Tip: Copy and paste this link in an email (or on a website where you feel comfortable sharing this information).