Messages aren't being delivered

If your messages aren't being delivered:

If you tried to send a message to a participant and received the message, "This participant is not going to see your message," the participant who you are trying to contact has their device disabled.

To fix this, check the following:

  1. Have the participant sign into the app. If they are signed out, they will not be able to receive push notifications. If they are signed out and have text or email enabled, they would still be able to see your message.
  2. Ask if the participant deleted the app. If they did, ask them to re-download it, and turn on text or email alerts in the app notification settings. Once text or email is turned on, they can delete the app and still receive messages from you. 

If you have tried the above two steps and are still receiving the message, please contact us. 

If you're not receiving messages sent to you:

If you joined in the Remind App:
If you've downloaded the Remind app, please double check that the Class you joined shows up under "Joined" on the Classes list.  

Next, you should check your notification settings. On iOS, tap the person icon in the upper left on the Classes list, then tap the gear in the top right corner, then notifications. On Android, tap the 3 dots in the upper left, then the gear in the top right, then notifications. Make sure that at least one notification option is enabled (toggle is blue): Push / Text / Email 

If you've double checked both of these areas and you're still not receiving messages, please click "Contact Remind" from within the app to email us.  

If you joined by text:
If you successfully joined a class by text, but are not receiving messages, it's possible that the cell phone carrier is blocking our messages for that class.

Please contact us with your cell carrier, your cell phone number and the class you aren't receiving messages from. We can look deeper into the issue for you then. Thanks so much, and sorry for the hassle!

TIP: If someone is not receiving texts and they have also downloaded the Remind app, please see above and make sure that Texts are turned on in app Notifications.

If you joined by email:
When you first joined by email, did you receive an email back from us with a Verification Link? You should have then clicked the link and then receive the message "Great, you've successfully joined _______ class!"   If you didn't, it's likely that your email has not been verified which is why you're not receiving messages. 

Please search your email inbox for " " click the link.  

If you didn't not receive the email, use the Join page to try again.

Still need help? Email us from the email that you used when joining and include the class code for the class you tried joining. We'll verify your email for you.