How do I add participants to my class?

There are four ways to add people to your class or school:

  1. Directly adding phone or email contacts
  2. Printable PDFs
  3. In-person instructions
  4. Share a link

These are described in more detail below.

Our most popular way to invite participants is to print out the PDF and share with the class (whether in person or sending home with students). If you have a few that still haven't joined we recommend directly adding them to the class if you have their contact information already. 

New participants need to use your unique class @code and then follow all prompts (e.g., reply with full name if first time joining a class). Some students may need to reply with their date of birth. They won't show up in the participant list until they have replied with these details so they should follow the steps carefully. 

Participants will show up in your participant list once they have successfully joined.

  1. Adding participants with a phone or email contact:
    US based teachers can add phone numbers or email addresses if available. Entering a mobile number means they will receive text messages, while entering an email address means they will receive email notifications.

    For large classes, please add 150 users at a time for the best results!

    If you only have the phone number/email, you can enter in the appropriate field and they will be invited to join (not added immediately). They will receive a special link by email or reply via text with "Yes". If it is their first time joining a Remind class, they will also need to reply with their name after "Yes."

    Please ensure that you have received consent from these people before sending and that you are not using Remind for any commercial purposes.

    Enter in the names and corresponding cell numbers and/or email addresses that you wish to add. You can copy and paste from a spreadsheet.
    Once you've entered the contact info, click "Add people."

  2. Printable PDFs:
    This is our most popular way to add people to a class. This can be put up in class or given to individuals to sign up. The PDF gives text or email sign up options. The PDF is also available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

  3. In-person instructions:
    These are great to put up on the board and have your group sign up right there!

  4. Share a Link: 
    You can give out a link so your participants can choose how they would like to receive Remind messages(text or email), click the "Share a link" option on the right side of the screen. Or they can use and enter your class code there.  


Copy participants to a new class:
Once participants have joined one of your classes, it is possibly to copy them to another class that you own. Just click on the participant's name and you'll see the link for "Copy to another class". This is useful if a student/parent accidentally joins the wrong class or they are in multiple classes.