Clever sync FAQs

For administrators with Remind Hub.

How do I control which contacts are shared with Clever?

  • Review the rules you have set up in your SIS regarding the data you are sharing with Clever. If necessary, contact Clever to adjust your sync type or SIS to Clever mapping. All parent/guardian contacts that are shared with Remind will receive a Clever-rostered account. Because safety is important to Remind, we encourage you to ensure you do not share contact information for individuals who should not be able to communicate with certain students.

Clever only stores student emails. How can students add mobile phones to their Clever-rostered accounts?

  • Remind will sync student accounts with their email address and student ID from Clever. To have your students receive messages on their phones, follow these simple steps.

It's a new semester. Will my teachers automatically receive their new classes?

  • New classes and participants that are added in your SIS and to Clever are pushed to Remind nightly between 11pm and 5am PT (for most Clever sync types). All teachers need to do is refresh Remind to gain access to their new classes. Teachers will also receive an email to notify them about class changes. You can read more about class changes here.

How do I change my Clever sync setup configuration?

How do I create classes in Remind that don’t exist in my SIS?

  • Clever Custom Sections allow district administrators to create and manage sections manually within the Clever Dashboard. Once custom sections are created in Clever, administrators can share them with Remind through the Clever sharing permissions interface. You can read more about Clever custom sections here.

Who do I reach out to for Clever technical support?

  • If you need help connecting your SIS with Clever or troubleshooting issues with your data in Clever, the Clever support team is best equipped to help. You may follow this link and a Clever support member will get back to you.

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