Adding student mobile numbers to rostered accounts

Please note: SIS Sync is available to administrators on a Remind School or District Plan. You can learn more about these plans here.

To receive messages right on their phones—whether through SMS messages or app notifications—your students need to have mobile numbers on Remind. Student Information Systems (SISs) don’t always include these contacts, but students can add mobile numbers to their rostered Remind accounts in less than a minute.

Here’s all they need to do:

  1. Take out their cell phones.
  2. Text your school/class code to the phone number 81010.
  3. When prompted, reply with their student ID number. They’ll need to complete this step in order to receive messages on their phones. This student ID must match the student ID from the SIS provided during rostering.

81010 Day: 10 Minutes (or Less!) to Set Up Your Entire School or Class

To streamline the onboarding process, try organizing an 81010 day

for your school. Just pick a date and time for all of your students to add their numbers to Remind—and you’ll be set for the rest of the year.

Success tip:

It’s especially effective to schedule 81010 day for homeroom or whenever you make school or class announcements.

Preparing for 81010 day:

  1. Roster your community with SIS Sync (teachers, students, parents, and classes) with Remind.
  2. Let teachers and staff members know about 81010 day and what’s involved.
  3. Make sure students have and know their student ID numbers.
  4. Print out copies of our 81010 poster, fill in your school/class code, and put them up where they’ll be seen (like the front office or hallways).  Click here to download.


On 81010 day:

Ask students to take out their cell phones and follow the steps above to add their mobile numbers to Remind. That’s it!

Need to find your school or class code?

Go to your school class, click on

Add people, and choose In-person instructions.