Make voice calls with Remind

For teachers with a School and District plan.

Now that you're part of The Remind Plan, you can use your cell phone to make calls and still keep your personal number private! 

First, you'll need to link your cell phone number to your Remind account. You can do that from any of the Calls tabs in your account or the Communication tab from your Account settings. 

Then, from any of the Calls tab, select the blue button from the top right corner that says Make a call.  

  • If the participant has the blue lightning bolt next to their name and is accepting calls via Remind, you'll be able to call them no problem!  
  • If the participant doesn't have the blue lightning bolt next to their name, then they haven't added a phone number to their account on Remind.  If you know their personal cell phone number, you can add it and make the call.  If not, you can always send them a message. 

When initiating the call from your Remind account on a desktop, laptop, or tablet, we'll first ring your cell phone to begin the call so make sure you've got your phone close by.

Check out the clip above to see what it's like when making the call directly from the iOS app.

Tips for Voice Calls

Before your first call

  • Set your office hours in Remind.  When someone calls outside of your office hours, they'll be informed you're not currently accepting calls and they'll be given the option to send a message.  Not sure how to set your office hours, check out the directions here.
  • Set the voicemail message on your cell phone.  We connect the call from your Remind account to your actual cell phone. If your voicemail isn't set up when someone calls you, many cell phone providers will have an automated recording of your personal number.

After the call

  • Save the number in your phone.  This way you can easily message or call them back without having to log into your account on the web or in the app.

Tips for Call notes

During the call

  • Take notes directly in your Remind account in the call notes that appear.
  • Call notes are stored within the message thread making it easy to keep track of all your communications in one place.

After the call

  • Didn't get a chance to take notes on the call? No problem, simply locate the call from the Calls tab or the individual message thread and click on the notes section.