Schedule a message

To schedule an announcement, just click on the Schedule button to the bottom right of the message box! From there, you can choose any date and time, type your message, and hit Schedule below!


Once an announcement is scheduled in your web dashboard, it will show up at the bottom of your announcements for each of the classes it has been sent to. To view, edit, or delete a scheduled announcement, you will have to click on each class and edit or remove it from every class.


Tap the compose icon and type your message.  Then select the calendar icon and choose the date and time for the message to go out. 

Once an announcement is scheduled in the app, it will show up at the bottom of your announcements. Tap it to view, edit, or delete scheduled messages. If you're using the iPhone app and have also chosen to send your announcement to individual participants, the schedule icon will not appear. 



Note about scheduled announcements:

  • Traveling: If you're traveling, the scheduling time is based on the local time of your computer or phone, so keep time zones in mind so the message arrives when you want it to!