Setting up ClassLink within Remind

Only for administrators with the Remind hub and ClassLink. If you are switching your current rostering method to ClassLink API or switching from ClassLink SFTP to ClassLink API, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or reach out directly to our Implementation team via for assistance. Our team can also run scripts to remove legacy data from your organization.


This article explains how to set up a ClassLink API connection.



  1. Before you can set up a ClassLink API for your organization, you must first add Remind to your ClassLink account by following the instructions here
  2. You must set sharing permissions in ClassLink to allow Remind data access. We highly recommend that you set full sharing permissions so Remind can receive all of the data that is in your Roster Server. 
    • Be sure to review the data you are sharing with Remind:
      • Enable demographics data - Select birthDate in the Optional Fields section.
      • Make sure the roles of users are accurate - Remind ingests the teacher, student, parent, guardian, and administrator role. Any user with the teacher or administrator role who is associated with a class will automatically become a class owner.
      • Omit inactive or irrelevant classes - Remind creates classes for every shared section. 
      • You can use ClassLink's resource on setting advanced permissions here to control which users and classes you share with Remind.
ClassLink Apps  Roster Server Actions (click the vertical dots) API Key and Secret

Note - You can choose to set Custom sharing permissions instead of Full. This will give Remind access to the Organizations and Courses that App Permissions defined. 

Connecting ClassLink with Remind

Log in to your Remind account

  1. Click your district's name on the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the SIS Sync tab.
  3. Click Start SIS sync setup. mceclip8.png
  4. Select ClassLink from the SIS sync type options, and click Continue.mceclip0.png
  5. Click Start ClassLink setup.mceclip11.png
  6. Click I've installed the Remind app in ClassLink to confirm you completed the prerequisite. mceclip12.png
  7. Click Sign-in with ClassLink to pull your school list from ClassLink's Roster Server. mceclip20.png
  8. Match each of your Remind schools with the correct one from ClassLink, and then click Nextmceclip16.png
  9. Confirm that your ClassLink schools are associated with the correct schools in Remind, and click Next.mceclip17.png
  10. Click Go to SIS Sync to return to your Remind dashboard.mceclip19.pngmceclip22.png

Your data will remain in a pending status until you are ready to go live, and push it into production to create and provision rostered accounts and classes for your organization. In the open rostering ticket that you have with Remind, let your Rostering Implementation contact know that you've shared your organization's ClassLink dataset with Remind so that they can review the data before it goes live.



ClassLink SSO is not available at the moment. 


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