Adding Remind to ClassLink

Only for administrators with the Remind hub and ClassLink. If you are switching your current rostering method to ClassLink API or from ClassLink SFTP to ClassLink API, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or reach out directly to our Implementation team via


In addition to CSV 2.0 sync, ClassLink’s Roster Server can generate OneRoster files to sync with Remind via SFTP. Prior to setting up your ClassLink sync with Remind, you must first add Remind to your ClassLink account.

This article contains the following sections:

Resource: Applications: Adding Applications & Modifying Permissions

Add Remind to ClassLink

  1. Sign in to your ClassLink admin account. 

  2. Click Apps (second option at the top of the dashboard) mceclip7.png .
  3. Select the +Add button (on the right side of the screen)mceclip4.png
  4. Search for Remindmceclip6.png.
  5. Click the +Add button to include the Remind app for rostering. 
  6. Select the Full Permissions optionmceclip9.png.
  7. Choose Yes, Enable to confirm the action.
  8. Click Return to Apps (bottom left corner). 
  9. Click the three vertical dots for the Remind app mceclip6.png
  10. Select Filter Fields
  11. Choose the Demographics tab mceclip11.png.
  12. Click the box to Enable Demographics mceclip12.png.
  13. Select birthDate in the Optional Fields section mceclip13.png.
    • You must share a birthdate for all users. It is optional to share other demographic information.
  14. Click Save and then click Confirm on the pop-up box.


Note: Remind does not currently have ClassLink’s SSO integrated.

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Share preferred language data

We highly recommend you provide the language preference for each of your community members so you can easily send them auto-translated district and school-wide messages. To share language data with Remind, add a preferred_language field to ClassLink's metadata object.

  1. In ClassLink, select the Settings tab (at the top of the dashboard).
  2. Select Preprocessor.
  3. Click the edit icon mceclip0.png under the Actions column.
  4. Select Users from the left navigation menu.
  5. Click the additive icon mceclip3.pngfor Transform Fields.
  6. Select Add in the Transform Action box.
  7. Type preferredLanguage in the Field to Build metadata box mceclip11.png.
  8. Click the additive icon mceclip4.png for Source Fields section.
  9. Choose metadata.preferredLanguage from the Select dropdown menu that appears.
  10. Click Save button (on the bottom right of the dashboard).
  11. Select the Apps menu (on the top left of the dashboard).
  12. Click the three vertical dots for the Remind app mceclip6.png.
  13. Select Filter Fields.
  14. Choose the Users tab.
  15. Toggle the Metadata Fields button to the right to enable it mceclip8.png.
  16. Check the metadata.preferredLanguage box mceclip9.png.
  17. Click Save.

If a student, teacher, parent, or administrator changes their preferred language, their setting will override the language preference data you've shared with Remind for them.

The only values we accept for preferred_language and guardian_language are any two-letter ISO-639-1 or BCP-47 code, or three-letter ISO-639-2 code you can get from this list here

Now click here to set up ClassLink within Remind.

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