Add and remove administrators

For administrators with a Remind plan.

Who should be an administrator with your Remind plan?

School administrators are often principals, vice principals, secretaries, etc. These are the people who are responsible for managing and messaging the entire school community. 

District administrators are often superintendents or IT directors who are in charge of oversight and control of all schools in the district or manage their Student Information System and data syncs for their district. District administrators are also added as school administrators for all schools in the district.  

How do I add an administrator?

  1. Choose the type of administrator you want to add. Go to the Settings tab in your administrator dashboard, and select Add a school administrator. If you're a district administrator, you'll also see the option to Add a district administrator.
  2. Once you choose the type of administrator you want to add, select the specific school from the drop-down you want to add them to.
  3. Then input their name and school email address, and click Add admin. The new administrator you're adding will need to verify their email address to access their administrator dashboard.

How do I remove an administrator?

  1. Go to the Settings tab in your administrator dashboard, and hover over the contact you would like to remove.
  2. Then simply select Remove as admin. If this option doesn't appear, please reach out to our Support Team here, and include the name of the administrator and organization you'd like them to be removed from.