Account management and billing

For administrators with a Remind plan.

You can manage the Remind plan for your organization directly from your admin account.  To do this, first log into your account at, select the Settings tab in your admin dashboard, and click Billing from the left.   

Check out the list below of all the things you can manage for your organization's Remind Plan directly from your account!

  1. Update the billing contact information- the billing contact will receive invoices, receipts, and all information related to billing via email.
  2. Add and update credit or debit card- administrators at smaller schools and districts can pay directly from their account by adding a credit or debit card.  Your card will only be charged annually on the first day of your new Remind Plan contract so make sure to keep the information up to date.*
  3. Remove a credit or debit card- follow the link from the Overview section at the top to remove a credit or debit card linked to your organization's Remind Plan.  Select Ask a question and let us know you want to remove a credit or debit card from the account and a member of our team will be in touch via email as soon as possible.  
  4. Update student enrollment- follow the link from the Overview section at the top to update to the number of students on The Remind Plan with your organization.  Then, simply select Change enrollment from the dropdown menu, let us know your updated student enrollment, and a member of our team will be in touch via email as soon as possible.
  5. Cancel your Remind plan- follow the link from the Overview section at the top to cancel your Remind Plan.  By canceling your Remind plan, your organization will revert to a free Remind account and your users will lose access to all the following features:
  • Rostering via direct sync (SFTP)
  • Rostering via Clever sync 
  • Communication logs
  • Schoolwide messaging
  • Districtwide messaging
  • Voice calls
  • Longer messages
  • Priority support
  • Entire admin dashboard

NOTE: If you don't have a Remind administrator account and you require access to your organization's billing information, please reach out to a current Remind administrator at your organization and have them add you as an administrator.

*If you're an administrator at a small school or district then this option is for you.  Administrators at large schools and districts, please reach out through the form linked to your Overview section to request an invoice.