Manage your SIS sync

For administrators with a Remind plan using CSV format 1.0

This overview covers the following topics:

  1. SIS sync Overview
  2. How do I resolve sync errors or alerts?
  3. Why was my sync placed on hold?

SIS Sync Overview

Administrators at schools and districts that have provisioned accounts and/or create classes using CSV sync or Clever sync can view the status of each school's sync on their SIS sync report.

District Administrators

To access, head to the SIS Sync tab in your district admin dashboard. Here you will see all of the paid Remind schools in your district and the status of each school's CSV or Clever sync. You can drill into the sync details for each school by clicking the name of the school.

District administrators also have the ability to set up their SIS sync and to enable SIS rostering enforcement.

The district-level SIS sync report is sorted by sync status to help draw your attention to the most actionable information. If there are schools in your district that are not part of the Remind Plan, they will be in gray.

  • Teachers & Students indicate the number of SIS-linked teacher or student user accounts that have been provisioned in Remind through the CSV sync or Clever sync.
  • Errors are issues in your SIS that prevent teacher or student accounts from being created. It's critical that you address these as soon as possible. Schools with errors will be highlighted in red and will display a red exclamation point.
  • Alerts are minor data errors in your SIS that, if fixed, would make Remind more useful and productive to use for your school community.

Sync status indicates the status of a school's CSV sync or Clever sync connection.

  • Connected means your CSV sync or Clever sync is successfully syncing the necessary data. 
  • On hold means that Remind has detected an issue with your CSV sync or Clever sync and the sync has been placed on hold.
  • Paused means that Remind has deliberately paused the sync for routine maintenance (Clever syncs only).
  • Processing means Remind is currently running an import from Clever or processing a CSV sync upload.
  • Setup sync means a CSV sync or Clever sync has not been established.

School Administrators

School administrators have visibility into the SIS sync status for the Remind school in which they are a school administrator. To access, head to the SIS Sync tab on your school admin dashboard.

How do I resolve sync errors or alerts?

If a school's sync has errors or alerts, the SIS sync report will indicate this issue and you will be able to drill into the school to see details of the error or alert types with information on how to resolve them.

You can read more about SIS sync errors & alerts here.

Why was my sync placed on hold?

A school's SIS Sync will be placed on hold if Remind suspects a data configuration issue with your school information or if Remind encounters an issue with the CSV sync or Clever sync connection. You will be notified via email when a sync is placed on hold. Click into a school's SIS Sync report to find details on the hold type, including next steps on how to resolve the issue and resume the sync. 

You can read more about SIS sync holds here.