I get an error when I try to join a class

When you try to join a class and get a message that the class isn't available to join or the class isn't associated with a school, this could mean a few things:

  • Students under 13 can only join classes owned by a teacher: The class is owned by a student or parent. Students under 13 can't be a participant in a class owned by a student or parent for safety reasons. Ask a parent join the class instead.
  • Students under 13 can only join classes linked to a school: Students under 13 can't join classes that aren't linked to a school for safety reasons. If the class is owned by a teacher, contact the teacher directly to ask that they link the class to a school.
  • This class isn't available for you to join: If you received this message, it means you have been removed from the organization by the admin or the owner of the class has blocked you. Please contact Support to determine which bucket you fall into and we can help you join.
  • This class has been archived: You are trying to join a class that has been archived. You should contact the teacher for the new class code to join.  
  • You have been banned from the School/Organization: It may be an error, and the Support Team can help you contact the admin to see if this is the reason you can't join.

If your role is incorrect, please contact the Support team for help.