How do I see if my announcement was delivered?

You can see whether the announcements you send are successfully delivered to all the people you send them to.

To see the message summary for an announcement you've sent, click the header of the announcement.

The message summary will show you how many people the message was sent to, the % of people who successfully received your message, the % of people who read your message, and the % of people who experienced delivery errors.

If your announcement was sent to fewer than 250 people, you can drill into each section of the message summary to see who specifically received your message, read your message, or experienced a delivery error.

If there are people in your class or organization without any contact information on Remind, you'll see them in the 'No contact information' section at the bottom of the message summary. These people are not included in the sent count at the top of the message summary, because messages cannot be sent to people without contact information.