I'm getting messages from a person or class I don't recognize

If you're receiving text messages from a class you did not intend to join, you can leave the class to stop messages. 

To leave ALL Remind classes, text @STOPALL in reply to any message you’ve received. To leave only a specific teacher's classes, text @LEAVE in reply to the teacher's messages.

Why is this happening?

Sometimes a teacher's code is very very similar to another teacher's code and you may have accidentally joined the wrong class.

If you recently received a new phone number, it's possible that the person who used to have this number joined a class on Remind and forgot to leave the class when their phone number changed.

If someone you know or who is a part of an organization you are associated with (for example, a classmate, teacher, or administrator at your school) uses Remind, that person may invite you to use Remind too.

If your account is affiliated with an organization (such as a school district), an administrator of that school may be able to add, move, or remove you from classes or groups associated with that organization. For example, if you already are in one class at your school, you may be added to another class you are enrolled in.

It's important to us that people only receive messages if they intended to join a class on Remind. To let us know if you continue to have any trouble or to report abuse of our platform, please contact us with your cell phone number.