Edit your personal information

To update personal information on the web: Log into your Remind account online, select your name (located on the upper left side of dashboard), and then click "Account Settings."

To access account settings in the iOS app: Open the left navigation menu, and select the gear icon (located in the upper left side of the screen).

From here you can:

  • Update your name and signature (listed under Account Settings on web)
  • Add or update your email addresses, app notification settings, and phone numbers (under Notification Preferences on web). 
  • Add or change your school (under Profile on web).

To access account settings in the Android app: Open the left navigation menu, and select the three vertical dots in the upper right side of the screen, and click Account. 

Remember to click save, and please note that Remind sends a confirmation email to any newly updated email address.

How do I update my role?

If your role is incorrect and you're a teacher or parent in the US, you can change your own role based on your school or organization! Select your name in the upper left side of your dashboard, and then click "Account Settings." Your role will be next to any school or organization you're in, and click it to change your role. 

If you are unable to change your role, reach out to the administrator at your school or contact support!

What if my date of birth is incorrect?

For safety reasons, we don't allow students to change their birthdates on Remind. Students under 13 years old won't have access to two-way messaging, but they can still receive class announcements from their teachers.

If you accidentally entered the wrong birthdate, you'll need to delete your account and sign up again.