I'm having trouble texting a class code to 81010

If you're using an app-based messaging service on a device that isn't compatible with short codes (like an iPod or iPad), you'll need to download our app. 81010 won't work with devices that don't phone numbers or can only use iMessage.

Each time you send a command text to 81010, you should receive a response back. Text "Help" or "LIST" to 81010. If you receive an error message or no reply, try texting the class code to 415-704-8328 instead. Your cell plan may not work with short codes like 81010, so use a traditional 10-digit number instead.

Why does it ask for my student ID number? 

For SIS-synced schools with a Remind hub.

If you don't know your student ID number, ignore this question. You will be added to your class and receive text notifications. If you do know your student ID number, please input the number. This will make sure you are connected to your rostered Remind account.

If you're still having trouble joining a class by text, please contact the Support team with your cell phone number and the class code. You can also download the Remind app or create an account at Remind.com if you have access to a smartphone or computer.