To comply with COPPA, students under 13 have different capabilities on Remind than other students do. When they create an account, we require the name and email address or phone number of the parent. The parent will be notified, required to give the student permission to use Remind, and added to the same classes as the student.

If no email is provided or the parent doesn't respond, the student's account is deleted.

Additionally, students under 13 may not:

  • Be directly added to a class, rather than invited
  • Join any class that hasn't been connected to a school on Remind
  • Participate in any two-way conversations
  • Start conversations or reply to announcements
  • Create groups

Please note that these steps apply specifically to Remind generally. For those with a Remind Plan, we comply with COPPA, but we're working with the specific information in a School or District Database, these steps are not exactly the same in those cases.