What is FERPA?

FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. These records include personally identifiable information about students, like contact or family information, grades, and disciplinary records. Under FERPA, schools are required to protect any records that they (or an approved third party) might maintain.

FERPA gives parents specific rights to their child's student education records. For example, a school needs written permission from a parent to release any information from a student’s education record.

How does FERPA allow schools to use Remind?

One of the exceptions to this rule allows schools to provide student education records to a person or party with a legitimate educational interest in the information. (This person or party is known as a school official.)

Most schools use the school official exception to work with Remind, which allows us to provide communication services to that school. FERPA says it's up to the school to determine whether a school official has permission to access education records. The school also decides whether it has direct control of the person/party when it comes to these records.

How does Remind help schools meet FERPA requirements?

Our privacy policies have earned iKeepSafe FERPA Certification, which means that they comply with federal requirements and meet iKeepSafe guidelines as well.

Teachers have full control over their information on Remind. Administrators with Remind Hub also have access to detailed statistics about usage and advanced controls for managing their communities.

For more information about our privacy policies and how we protect personal information, click here to learn more about trust and safety at Remind.