The 81010 short code

81010 is a free short code that U.S. participants can use to join a class on Remind. Short codes are easy-to-remember phone numbers, usually five or six digits long, that you might have used before for services like American Idol or ESPN score alerts. 

To join a class on Remind, participants text the class code to 81010. This number is the same for everyone—as long as the class code is different, people will join the correct classes. If you're in Canada or if the short code isn't working for you, you can text the class code to (502) 694-1142 instead.

Does 81010 cost anything?

When you text a class code to 81010, some carriers will automatically respond with an alert about additional costs. Although it does cost more to use some short codes, 81010 does not cost more than other messages on Remind.

Standard text messaging rates may apply to Remind messages, based on each individual's cell phone carrier and text messaging plan, but there are no added costs. In other words, getting a Remind message via text is exactly the same as getting a text message from anyone else.

Do people get messages from 81010?

When participants sign up for Remind through 81010, they'll be asked to complete their account with additional information (e.g., their full names or roles at school). However, announcements and messages will be sent from randomly assigned phone numbers, not 81010