Opt out of messages


Leave all classes owned by this teacher

  • Text @LEAVE in that teacher's thread

Leave a teacher's specific class (but stay in this teacher's other classes)

  • Text @LEAVE @"class code"

Leave ALL teachers' classes on Remind

  • Text @STOPALL

Note: When you text @LEAVE @"class code" and the code is for your school, your account will be unlinked from the organization.

iOS app:

Leave a teacher's specific class

  • Once you are on the class, tap the the class name on top. In Class settings, tap the red "Leave this class" button at the bottom of that screen.

Android app:

Leave a teacher's specific class

  • Tap the 3 dots in upper right once you are in the class and then tap Class settings. Lastly, tap the red "Leave this class" button at the bottom of that screen.


Opt out of all Remind emails

  • Click the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. 


Leave a teacher's specific class 

  • Click on the name of the class you want to leave. Click the gear icon in the upper right then "Leave this class" on Class settings. 

Note: You will still see conversations with members of these classes, as messages cannot be deleted on Remind. 

How do I opt out of receiving schoolwide messages? Learn more here.