Creating a Communication Policy with Remind

For administrators with Remind Hub.

Congratulations on joining our Remind Hub community! As part of your rollout process, we highly recommend creating and implementing a Remind communication policy for your school.

Your communication policy should set expectations and guidelines on how administrators, teachers, students, and parents can best use Remind to establish and maintain positive, open, and meaningful communication in your school community. The policy should ensure everyone understands the different types of communication methods on Remind, such as schoolwide, individual, group, and class messaging. The policy should also make clear which communication method is the most effective for community members to use depending on their role at your school, the context of their message, and the audience they are trying to reach. Great communication between your community members will keep all stakeholders well informed, and help to improve the overall success of your school.

You can use this template to create your Remind communication policy.

As you develop your communication policy, here's some questions to consider:



How often should teachers and staff send messages?

Teachers should send messages 5 times per week.

What types of messages should teachers send? 

Teachers should focus on sending a message for positive behavior incentives and homework reminders.

What types of messages should administrators send? 

Administrators should be responsible for sending messages regarding school cancellations, delays, or other emergencies. 

How will you foster and support a Remind culture at your school? 

There will be a Remind "Teacher of the Month" for each grade. 

How does this fit in with your other communication tools? 

Remind will be used for daily classroom communications, and other tools will be used for monthly school-wide newsletters.

How will you set parent expectations around Remind? 

Parents are expected to keep their contact information in Remind up to date, and to share any contact updates with school staff.

Who will own your communication plan? 

The vice principal will be responsible for implementing the communication plan, and for sharing it with school faculty and staff. 

When will the steps outlined in this plan be completed? 

The communication policy will be completed the start of the fall semester.

How will this be shared with staff? 

The communication policy will be shared at the All Staff meeting prior to the start of school year.

What date do you hope to share it by?

The communication policy will be shared with the school community a day after Labor Day.

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