Summer School Set-up Options for CSV Sync Rostered Schools and Districts


During the summer, you can use Remind to send messages to teachers, parents, and students that are participating in summer school at your organization. There are three different ways you can create classes and accounts for summer school participants. Please choose only one of the rostering methods below to set up your organization for the summer. 

Option 1: Add summer school data to the CSV files and pause the sync

You can add summer school data to your organization’s current sync files prior to pausing the sync to create rostered summer school classes and accounts. When you pause the nightly sync, all rostered data will remain static in Remind until you unpause the sync in the Fall. 


  • Summer school classes and accounts will not update to reflect any information you change in your SIS, because once you pause the sync, you won’t be sharing new data with Remind. 

Option 2: Add summer school data to the CSV files and continue syncing 

Instead of pausing the sync, you can update your organization’s current sync files to include summer school data, and to continue syncing regularly. 


  • The data for schools, classes, and accounts you created during the school year should remain static during the summer; so you’ll be sharing unchanged data from the most recent school year in addition to updated summer school data with Remind.
  • Any data changes that are reflected in the sync files will be reflected in Remind. As a result, be sure that data changes only pertain to summer school classes and accounts, and that all other data in the sync files remains stagnant from sync to sync. 

Option 3: Manually create summer school classes and accounts

We can manually create and add a “Summer School”  to your district. From there, you can directly add teachers, parents, and students to the Summer School, and have your teachers manually create the classes they need for the summer. If you are interested in this method, please contact your CSM. 


  • Summer school classes will not reflect any changes you make in your SIS as they are manually created by teachers. Class owners can update summer school classes via their account. 
  • Teachers must manually archive summer school classes at the end of the summer.