How can I ban a participant from changing their name?

For administrators and teachers with Remind hub. Available on the web only.

You can prohibit a school or class participant from changing their profile name via your Remind dashboard online at any time. 


  • Only administrators and teachers can ban school participants from changing their name.
  • To have access to ban a class participant from changing their name, your class must be linked to a school.

To ban a participant from changing their name:


  1. Log in to your Remind account.
  2. Click on your school or class name. 
    • Note: Only administrators can make changes at the school level.
  3. Select the People tab.
  4. Click on the name of the participant you want to ban from changing their name.
    • To see a list of names specifically for Students, Parents, Teachers, or participants with No role, click on the dropdown icon mceclip2.png.
    • Or, you can find a specific person by typing their name in the search box search_box.png.
  5. Click the three vertical dots on the participant's profile three_dots.png.
  6. Choose Edit Name. mceclip11.png
  7. Change the participant's first and/or last name. 
  8. Check the Ban this person from changing their name box.
  9. Click Save

When the participant attempts to change their name via their Profile page, they'll see a banner that lets them know they are not allowed to change their name.