Remind Coaching: How to create the best coaching environment for your student

At Remind, we want to make sure we maximize the time spent in each  coaching session with you and your student. Here are some tips that we recommend for all parents and students to get the most out of every session:


Create a Conducive Learning Environment

  • . We recommend students attend their sessions in a noise-free and distraction-free environment to give students the space they need to focus and learn. 
  • Home offices are ideal, but any space tucked away from foot traffic and everyday distractions will be best . This allows the student and coach to have each other’s undivided attention during the entirety of the coaching session.

Share homework in advance

  • To ensure the Remind coach can tailor each session to your child’s specific needs, we ask that your student shares their homework  and class syllabus for the quarter at least 24 hours before the session. 
  • For a first session, sharing prior homework assignments that your student has completed is helpful to better understand concepts that they may be struggling with so the coach can focus on honing in that skill.
  • In the event that you cannot share your student’s homework with us,, we ask that you share the topic of what the student is currently working on in class with the coach. This allows the  coaches to create a lesson, or practice problems related to the topic, that will support the student’s learning before  the session. 

Keep your camera on

  • One tool a coach uses to assess student engagement and comprehension is if  reading their body language. As a result, we highly recommend keeping  their camera on for the duration of the session.Other tips to help create a successful coaching environment
  • Another way you  can help your student get the most out of their coaching session is to remove all any devices that they will not be using during the session, such as televisions, game systems, phones, tablets, or computers, from their environment or turn them off. Here is a link to our help center article to help assist with setting up devices for coaching. 
  • We invite parents or guardians to be a part of the coaching session, especially for younger students participating in their first session. If you are unable to attend the session, we ask that you remain in close proximity so that you may hear the session, and provide your student assistance if necessary.


At Remind, we believe the best coaching experience comes from a partnership between your coach, you and your child. We thank you for choosing Remind Coaching to meet your child’s math needs and goals. If you need any other advice or have questions on the best way to prepare for your student specifically, please feel free to reach out to us here.

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