How do I resolve my SIS sync file formatting errors?

For administrators with Remind Hub rostering via CSV format 1.0, 2.0, or OneRoster.

After you transfer your CSV files to Remind, we will scan the files to ensure they are properly formatted. If we detect formatting issues with your files, your CSV format 1.0, 2.0, or OneRoster sync will be placed in a pending state, and we will send you an email containing a link to your SIS sync report which will indicate which CSV files you need to revise. 

In order to resume your SIS Sync:

  1. Download the error document that is listed on the Next steps column for each CSV file.
  2. Fix the errors in your SIS.
  3. Transfer your revised, complete set of CSVs to Remind via SFTP.
  4. We will attempt to process your sync again. 



The following is a list of errors you may see listed on your organization's SIS sync dashboard for each file you shared with Remind.

Unreadable file This error means that the file you uploaded is not formatted properly, so we cannot read it. Check the file in atom (a free text editor), and make sure there are no extra commas in each line, additional empty columns, or quotations inside of cells. Also, make sure that the file is a CSV file.

Invalid row content This particular error signifies that the CSV file you uploaded contains one or more of the following row errors:

  • Invalid columns - The row has a different number of columns than the header row. This is likely due to an extra or missing comma.
  • Invalid quotes - The row contains a quotation that is not on the outside of the cell content. Quotations need to be at the start and end of the cell content, or escaped using a backslash to be valid, e.g. '"James Jim"' or 'James \"Jim\"'. You can also remove quotations inside the cells, or wrap names with commas in quotations. 

Ex. 1: Matthew “Matt”,Dudley must be Matthew Matt,Dudley

Ex. 2: Matt, Jr. must be "Matt, Jr."

  • Missing ID - When you see this error, it means that there is a cell in a row that is empty for an ID column. Check to make sure that all required IDs are in the file (e.g. teacher_id, sourcedId, etc).
  • Duplicate ID - This error means that we detected an identical ID in two rows in the file. Review your file, and make sure all IDs are unique. 

Invalid headers - When you see this error, it means that the information contained in the CSV file is incorrect. Make sure the file has the required header with the correct spelling. Also, review the file and make sure you do not have any duplicate headers nor any columns without a header. 

Required file missing - When you see this error, it means that we were unable to locate the necessary file. Make sure to upload all of the required files for Remind CSV 1.0Remind CSV 2.0, or OneRoster sync.


Note 1: User_id and sourcedid is case sensitive.

Note 2: Formatted correctly means that you do not have to make any changes to the CSV file as it meets all of the format requirements. Also, you may see a Not uploaded status for a file which you did not share with Remind.