Remind Coaching

Remind Coaching provides 1-on-1 online tutoring with real math teachers. Based on the subject, topic, or assignment you need help with, Remind Coaching matches you with a Remind coach—a certified K-12 teacher with classroom and tutoring experience—for ongoing, interactive support.

Each coaching session includes an in-depth video call and virtual whiteboarding, as well as unlimited text messaging with Remind coaches for the rest of the week.

Purchasing and scheduling sessions

Remind Coaching is available from 4pm to 10pm Pacific time, Monday through Thursday. When you purchase a session, you’ll be prompted to select a date and time; you can schedule sessions for the same day or within the next 7 days.

You have a 7-day free trial of Remind Coaching, so your credit card will only be charged after the trial ends.

Parent notifications

To make sure everyone’s in the loop, students are asked to provide the name and email for a parent before using Remind Coaching. Parents are notified when new sessions are purchased and receive a coaching summary after every session.

How a video session works

You’ll be paired with a Remind coach based on the information you share about their classwork, assignments, and any topics that you need help with. Sessions include video chatting via Zoom with interactive whiteboarding on Scribble Together.

At the time of a session, a Zoom link will be provided to you to begin the video call with your Remind coach. You may also access an interactive whiteboard via Scribble Together, which you can access through a provided link. After the call, the coach will send you and your parent a summary of the call, additional resources, and recommended next steps.

Between sessions, you can text message Remind coaches during coaching hours for additional help. If you need a whiteboard, you can use the same Scribble Together link you were provided.

Purchasing additional sessions

Right after your first session, you can schedule a next session with the same coach, depending on their availability, or with a different Remind coach.

You can also schedule additional sessions by emailing any time or by messaging Remind Coaching during open hours.

Cancellations and refunds

If you need to cancel a Remind Coaching session, email with your request. You’ll receive a reply within 4 business hours.

If you’re not satisfied with your session for any reason, contact for a refund.


If you have any questions, contact Remind Coaching at