My district is banning Remind this year. What can I do?

At the start of each school year, districts around the country make decisions about which tools teachers can use to communicate with students and parents. If your district has decided to ban Remind this school year, there are steps we can take together to help them better understand who we are and what services we provide.

Why would a district ban Remind?

Districts may choose to ban Remind for different reasons. Sometimes, it’s because new laws have been enacted to protect your community from spam or robocalls. Other times, your district may be concerned about data sharing and privacy. We’re happy to reach out to your district to clarify the importance of your Remind messages and share information about how we help keep school communities safe.

How does Remind help keep school communities safe?

Remind is a communication platform that’s built for education. We provide instantly accessible communication logs, additional protections for students under 13, and ensure that contact information stays private. You can find a full list of our policies and practices on our website: We encourage you to share this resource with your administrators and fellow teachers.

How can Remind help?

If your district has banned Remind, please submit a support request with the name of your district and their reason for the ban. If we’re not already in touch with your district, we’ll consult our legal team and reach out as soon as possible. Please rely on your school administrators for the latest updates on the status of the ban.