Higher class and participant limits

Available with Remind Hub.

Administrators can send announcements to the whole school, including participants in linked classes. They can also view basic statistics and manage the school list to promote positive usage. If their teachers link their classes to a paid school, it will appear on their school's class list and include administrator oversight.


Classes in your Remind Hub can have up to 5,000 participants. Please keep in mind that classes with more than 500 recipients might experience delays in messaging.


Each class owner or participant can have up to 100 classes. Click Create a class below "Classes owned" to create new classes. Learn more on how to create a class.

Removing participants or classes 

As an administrator, it is easy to see who is in your school and what classes are linked to your Remind Hub from your administrator dashboard, so take a second to click through your list and remove any participants from the People tab or unlink any class from the Classes tab that are not affiliated with your paid organization.