Manage your class size

For teachers, parents, and students using Remind Chat. At any time, you can easily manage the number of classes or participants from your Remind account. You can 1) Archive old classes and 2) Remove people from your class by following the steps below.

  1. Archive old classes
    Remind Chat includes announcements for your first 10 classes. If you exceed this limit, you can archive classes to make room for new ones.

    If you want your participants to join a new class with a familiar class code, just reuse your code for a new class in the class settings. Archiving a class doesn't permanently delete it. You can always restore a class from your account settings if you need access later on. Learn how to archive classes here.
  1. Remove people from your class
    It is easy to see who's in a class, so take a second to click through your list and remove anyone who doesn't need to be getting updates. Along with keeping your classes under 150 people, this helps ensure that you're reaching exactly who you need to reach.

Reach more classes and participants with Remind Hub

If you're using Remind for your school, district, or larger group, you can access more class and participants for you and your organization with Remind Hub.

Learn more about Remind Hub.