Troubleshoot auto messaging issues

For administrators with advanced messaging, a premium feature available with Remind Hub! To learn more, please contact your Remind account manager or Remind support.

This resource covers steps to take when an auto message isn't sent as expected. By following the steps below, you can better troubleshoot your auto messages on Remind.

Why wasn't my auto message sent?

Does the CSV file show up in the Uploaded files tab?
If the file doesn't appear in the uploaded files list, there's likely an issue with your CSV export and/or SFTP setup. Remind doesn't have insight into these issues, so you'll need to investigate them in your SIS and/or FTP client.

Was your CSV file successfully uploaded?
All administrators at your organization will get an email notifying them if there's an auto message file error. Go to (Settings → Auto Messaging → Uploaded files) in your administrator dashboard to drill into the auto message file error. Make sure the sent file is in the CSV format!

Is the auto message active?
Confirm your auto message state is “activein (Settings → Auto Messaging → Auto messages) in your administrator dashboard. If the state is “draft” or “inactive”, the auto messages will not be sent. Make sure that your SFTP auto messaging credentials match those in your SIS or FTP client!

Is the auto message sender a verified administrator?
Make sure that the auto message sender is a current, verified administrator on Remind.

Was the auto message sent out at the expected time?
Visit the file uploads page to see whether the necessary CSV file was transferred at the expected time. You can go to the (Settings → Auto Messaging → Auto messages) to see a history of all sent auto messages. Keep in mind that auto messages cannot be sent between 12am and 7am EST. Make sure all of your auto messages are scheduled after or before this period.

Why didn't some students or parents receive the auto message?

Is the missing student's ID in the most recent uploaded CSV file?
Confirm the student's student numbers were included in the CSV file transferred to Remind for this auto message. Student numbers can only be listed once in the student_number column. Sending an auto message with custom fields? Check out this article. 

Are there any unidentified student numbers in the CSV?
Open the message summary by clicking 'View details' next to the sent message. Unidentified student numbers appear in the 'Unidentified people' section of the message summary.

Are there any missing parent connections (students without parents connected to them on Remind)?
Open the message summary by clicking 'View details' next to the sent message. Missing parent connections appear in the 'Unidentified people' section of the message summary.

Were there any delivery errors for the message?
You can see whether the announcements you send are successfully delivered to all the people you send them to by checking the message summary. Learn more here.