How do I provision accounts and roster via SFTP?

Important note: SIS sync via SFTP is expected to launch in August 2018. Remind customers interested in account provisioning or class rostering should refer to our currently available rostering options.

SIS sync via SFTP allows district administrators to provision accounts and roster classes by importing data to Remind. This removes the need for teachers to individually sign up for accounts, create classes, and invite students and parents/guardians on their own.

Step 1: Generate CSV files

To provision accounts and roster classes via SFTP, you’ll need to generate the following Schools, Teachers, Students/Parents, Classes, and Enrollments CSV files.

A few notes on CSV formatting:

  • Student, teacher, and class IDs can include any combination of characters and numbers.
  • Phone numbers can be in most formats, including with/without brackets around the area code, with/without hyphens, and with/without international code.

CSVs for provisioning accounts

The following CSV files are required to provision accounts for students, teachers, and parents (click to download templates):

  1. schools.csv
    Required to identify schools in the district
  2. teachers.csv
    Required to provision teacher accounts
  3. students.csv (OR students.csv with parents)
    Required to provision student and parent accounts

See the table below for the required and optional columns in the downloadable CSV templates for the School, Teacher, and Student/Parent CSV.


CSVs for rostering classes 

Rostering classes will require generating the additional CSV files (click to download templates):

  1. classes.csv
    Required to create classes for teachers
  2. enrollments.csv
    Required to automatically add students and parents to created classes

See the table below for the required and optional columns in the downloadable CSV templates for the Class and Enrollment CSVs.


Step 2: Set up SFTP Sync (launching August 2018)

To upload data to Remind, you’ll need your SFTP sync details from Remind. In your administrator dashboard, go to Settings and select SIS sync. Choose Sync directly with Remind.


Next, click on View sync details in the top right corner:


You’ll see the Remind SFTP credentials you need to transfer data to Remind. You can choose whether to transfer data directly from your SIS or with an SFTP client.

  • Upload URL
  • Port #
  • Username and password credentials


After you transfer your data and go to your SIS Sync dashboard again, follow the instructions provided to connect your schools from your SIS to your schools on Remind. Your user accounts and rostered classes will be created once you complete the sync and confirm your schools.