Message a custom list of students or parents

For administrators with advanced messaging, a premium feature available with the Remind plan! To learn more, please contact your Remind account manager or Remind support.

Remind gives you the ability to upload a list of student IDs and privately reach those students and their parents to notify students and parents of chronic absences, lunch money balances, and more. See our guide for example messages.

Once you upload a list of student IDs from your SIS (Student Information System) or other data sources, we'll match those student IDs to rostered students in your school on Remind. You can then choose whether to send an announcement to those students, their parents and guardians, or both.

Before you begin:

  • You are a district or a school administrators
  • Your organization has created student accounts with a SIS sync. To set up a direct or Clever SIS sync, check out this Guide to Rostering with Remind.

    Note: If you'd like to reach parents, students must be rostered with parent connections on Remind.

This resource covers the following topics:

  1. How to message a custom list of students or parents
  2. Troubleshooting

How to message a custom list of students or parents

Navigate to your school-level admin dashboard on the web or on the mobile app, and select the Messages tab. Open the message composer by clicking the blue pencil icon Screen_Shot_2019-06-11_at_12.56.15_PM.pngat the top of your organization's message list.

When the composer opens, you'll land on the Choose groups or people tab. Click on the second tab, titled Upload list of student IDs.


Choose a school

You can send an announcement to students in one school at a time. If you'd like to message students in multiple schools, compose a separate message for each school.

  • If more than 50% of students at your school are missing student IDs, you'll see a warning after selecting your school because students that don't have student IDs on Remind won't receive announcements using this method.

Format CSV file

Create a CSV file containing the student ID numbers belonging to the students you want to reach. We recommend exporting a CSV file with the relevant student IDs from your SIS.

Your CSV file should have a single column with the header: student_id. You can include up to 2,000 student ID numbers in the student_id column. Be sure to save your file in the CSV file format (.csv). Download a template.

You do not need to include any parent contact information in your CSV file. You’ll be able to select parent contacts associated with the students you want to reach. 

Upload your CSV file

Drag and drop your CSV file in the drop area, or click to select your file from a folder on your computer.

If you run into an error uploading your file, see CSV upload error for troubleshooting help.

View matched students

If any student IDs don't match students in your school on Remind, the student IDs will be highlighted in yellow at the top of the list of recipients. See Unmatched students for suggested next steps.

Select recipients

Messages can be sent to students, their parents and guardians, or both. Students on Remind will be matched to the student IDs in the CSVs.

Parents and guardians must be already connected to these students on Remind. If you select 'Parents and Guardians', every parent and guardian associated with the matched students will be included as a recipient of your announcement. 

It's possible that some students won't have parents or guardians connected to them. The number of missing parents will be highlighted in red. See Missing parents and guardians for suggested next steps.

Compose your announcement

Just like when composing a school-wide or class announcement, type your message and add links or attachments if needed.

Send your message

Once you hit 'Send', recipients will be notified according to their notification preferences. They'll receive the message in their one-on-one thread with you, the sender. Recipients will not be able to see who else received the message, and you can disable replies to your messages if preferred. 

To view the message summary for your announcement, visit your school's announcement thread. 


CSV upload error

If you run into an error uploading your CSV, confirm the following is true:

  • Your file is a CSV file
  • Your file contains one column with the header: student_id
  • You are able to open your CSV file on your own computer
  • You selected the right school from the dropdown before uploading your CSV

Unmatched students

After uploading your list of student IDs, you may see some unmatched student IDs highlighted in yellow. This happens when there are no students with those student IDs in your school on Remind.

Because you must remedy these unmatched student IDs via rostering, we recommend continuing to send your message to the students who were successfully matched and then addressing the unmatched student IDs.

Start by confirming that the unmatched student IDs and corresponding students are in your SIS. Then, confirm your SIS is syncing regularly with Remind via Direct sync or Clever sync. See our Guide to rostering with Remind for more information.

Missing parents and guardians

You can choose to add individual missing parents or guardians before sending your message. If many parents and guardians are missing, we recommend adding them via rostering.

Adding individual parents and guardians

  • Tap the '+' sign next to the matched student who is missing a parent or guardian.
  • If the parent or guardian is already on Remind, you can search by first or last name and click 'Add parent'.
  • If the parent or guardian is not on Remind but you have their mobile number or email address, you can add them to Remind by clicking 'Add parent or guardian to Remind' at the bottom of the search results.

Adding parents and guardians via rostering

See our Guide to rostering with Remind for next steps.