Create classes without a SIS sync

For administrators with a Remind plan.

You can create classes and populate them without transferring data from your student information system (SIS). Click here for information about rostering with a SIS sync.

Create a Remind class

  • Follow these instructions to create a class. Make sure the class is linked to the correct school.
  • Follow these instructions to add the appropriate teacher(s) as class owner so they have management controls.

TIP: Creating a class will automatically make you an owner. You can empower teachers to create their own classes by following the same instructions. 

Teachers and administrators can own up to 100 classes on their accounts.

Add people to a Remind class

There are two ways to add people to a class:

  • Follow these instructions to add people to a class in the same way that you created accounts for them at the school: by adding contact information or sharing a class code.
  • You can also copy people into a class from the people tab in your dashboard. Follow these instructions to add them to a class. Note: only admins have access to a full people list at the school level.

Training staff members to create classes

Administrators can create classes for teachers, or teachers can create their own classes. We recommend leading training sessions for your staff as part of rolling out Remind.

For more information, check out the How do I prepare my teachers for using Remind? webinar here.