How to use the Messages tab

For administrators with a Remind plan.

The Messages tab is where you can send announcements and initiate individual or group conversations with members of your school or district. You’re able to send targeted messages by role to teachers, parents, students and administrators.


Type in the name of a teacher, student, parent or administrator to locate or initiate a conversation.

Sending messages

  1. Click on the blue message icon.  BlueMsgIcon.png
  2. Search for people or classes to send a message to or select recipient(s) from a school or class to send your message to. Click the grey arrow under a district, school or class to select a particular audience to send your messages to such as "teachers, students etc."

  3. After selecting your recipients(s), you’ll see them appear under selected on the right hand side of the queue. Click the X to remove a selected recipient.
  4. Click continue and you’ll be directed to the new message screen where you can type your message before clicking continue for districtwide announcements and send for all other messages/announcements. RemindAttachMsgQueue.png
  5. Use the following features below to enhance your message:
  • Translate: Click translate and a menu will appear with a search bar at the top where you can search for over 85 languages to translate your message to.
  • Drag and drop: Easily drag and drop files such as photos or documents from your computer to attach with your message.
  • Add to your message: Link your Quizlet, Google Drive, Google Classroom and ,One Drive to your message.
  • Schedule: Schedule your message to be sent at a later date and time by clicking the calendar, selecting a date and then by clicking a time on the time field. Your message will be scheduled to be sent at the date and time selected.


View announcements you have sent to groups within your school such as Everyone, Parents, Teachers and Students. By clicking into one of these message threads, you’re able to see the message history sent to this group. Clicking Message everyone at the bottom of the message thread will allow you to send a message to the group or individual.


View individual and group conversations in the conversations section. Conversations are listed in showing your most recent conversations at the top. Click on a conversation to view message history and click Message and the message queue will appear.